Fairlie Community Board Meeting


31 January 2019




Fairlie Community Board Meeting Minutes                                            31 January 2019

MINUTES OF Mackenzie District Council
Fairlie Community Board Meeting
Council Chambers, Fairlie
Thursday, 31 January 2019 AT 4.30pm


PRESENT:                 Mr Les Blacklock (Chairperson), Ms Carolyn Coakley (Community Board Member), Mrs Pauline Jackson (Community Board Member), Mr Damon Smith (Community Board Member)

IN ATTENDANCE:    Suzette van Aswegen (Chief Executive), Garth Nixon (Group manager Community Facilities), Karina Morrow (Group Manager Regulations), Charlotte Borrell (Committee Administrator), Arlene Goss (Committee Administrator), Anne Thomson (Fairlie Heartlands)


1            Opening

The chairman welcomed everyone and opened the meeting.


2       Apology

Committee Recommendation  

Moved:     Ms Carolyn Coakley

Seconded:         Mr Les Blacklock (Chairperson)

That the apology received from Mayor Graham Smith be accepted and leave of absence granted.


3         Public Forum

Anne Thomson (from Fairlie Heartlands) brought a number of matters to the attention of the board. These included:

·       The new cemetery pathway

·       Rubbish/recycling bins and their signage.

·       Reconsider the 2009 parking plan, especially in relation to Talbot Street

·       Cigarette butt receptacles at public toilets

·       Yellow crossing strip lifting off road on Main Street

·       Rubbish needing to be picked up more often in the town centre

·       Mackenzie Community Centre Hand rails required, removal of cigarette butt receptacle in courtyard

·       Village green signage around dogs and no smoking area.

Otherwise the town is looking lovely.

Anne Thomson left the meeting 4.39pm

A copy of her letter is attached to these minutes.



1     Anne Thomson Letter Fairlie Community Board Meeting 31-1-19


3            Declarations Of Interest

There were no declarations of interest.

4            Reports

5.1         Minutes of Fairlie Community Board Meeting - 6 December 2018

Committee Resolution  FCB/2019/99

Moved:      Mrs Pauline Jackson

Seconded:  Ms Carolyn Coakley

1. That the Minutes of the Fairlie Community Board Meeting held on Thursday 6 December 2018 be received and adopted as a true and accurate record of the meeting.




5.2         Fairlie Community Board Matters Under Action


Village Green Bins - Mr Garth Nixon stated the labels on the bins in the Village Green need refreshing for rubbish, recycling. Twizel have new bins. Fairlie could look at those in future. Council needs to look at litter as a whole, how much do we do and make a plan for the future. Add to matters under action.

The Chief Executive suggested that the board make a resolution asking Council to investigate the litter problem. No resolution was passed.

Dog signs on Village Green - The Board would like dog signs up on village green as soon as possible. It is currently a leash only area but the bylaw is up for review this year, changes can be made then.

Mobile Traders - The board discussed a mobile traders workshop with Mrs Morrow. This would be held before the next board meeting.

Frisbee Golf Course - Ongoing

Walkway to Cemetery - Mr Nixon said Whitestone will be doing this at the end of February.

Footpath from public toilet along Main Street to the carpark - Mr Nixon is costing paving for the path as opposed to concrete to which oak tree roots would cause future issues. The Community Board would like this in before bad weather.

Hexagonal seat – Mr Nixon to progress this.

Extension of the Village Green playground – The Board is considering squaring it up, adding more equipment in consultation with local families. Mr Nixon to cost some items for the board, he will provide some options the board can pass on to the public.  He suggested the board may be able to apply for funding up to 20K for the playground.


5.2.1      General Business

The Board discussed Anne’s comments regarding necessity of the pathway to the cemetery. They are happy with that path being created.

Grey St parking. This has created a bus lane and additional car parks. The council completed what was viable at time. The board would like to revisit the plan. It was suggested paid toilets for the buses as that’s all they stop in Fairlie for. Mr Nixon stated pay toilets are a council decision, but parking is something for the community board to look at. Mr Nixon will the get plan out so the board can look at it.

The board asked if Whitestone are completing the same amount of street cleaning as previously? Mr Nixon clarified the contract does not include streets, and he will investigate and inform the Board what is covered in the contract.

Yellow crossing strip lifting off road on Main Street. Mr Nixon will pass information onto NZTA.

Making the Village Green non-smoking was queried by the board. Smokefree NZ want open spaces smoke free from councils. Enforcing this would need a bylaw.

Mr Nixon stated Mackenzie Community Centre handrails will be replaced. It is being completed in the operational maintenance of the community centre.

Additional Village Green signage needed. Playground signage, smoking, rubbish, dogs must be leashed. Mr Nixon to arrange signs to be put up.  

The Chief Executive thanked the community board for contributing to the organisational review. She explained the process and timeline moving forward. The board said they appreciated being involved.



5.3         Fairlie Community Board Financial Report

For the Fairlie Community Board to note the financial performance of the Fairlie Community as a whole.

Committee Resolution  FCB/2019/100

Moved:      Mr Damon Smith

Seconded:  Ms Carolyn Coakley

1.      That the report be received.




5.4         Ward Members Report/ Report From Members of the Board

There was no ward members report.



5.5         Minutes from Other Community Boards

The minutes were noted.


The Meeting closed at 5.20pm.


The minutes of this meeting were confirmed at the Fairlie Community Board Meeting held on 14 March 2019.