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Tekapo Community Board Meeting


10 June 2020




Tekapo Community Board Meeting Minutes                                                                    10 June 2020


MINUTES OF Mackenzie District Council
Tekapo Community Board Meeting
Tekapo Community Hall, Lake Tekapo
Wednesday, 10 June 2020 AT 4.00pm


PRESENT:                 Chairperson Steve Howes, Chris Scrase, Sharron Binns, Cr Matt Murphy

IN ATTENDANCE:    Mayor Graham Smith, Suzette van Aswegen (Chief Executive), Stuart Grant (Acting General Manager Operations), Charlotte Borrell (Community Services and Facilities Officer), Phill Mackay (Recovery Manager), Arlene Goss (Governance Advisor), and three members of the public.


1            Opening

The chairman opened the meeting and a minute’s silence was observed in memory of Steve Binns, who was a respected member of the Tekapo community.

2            Apologies

Apologies were received from member Caroll Simcox and Cr Murray Cox.

3            Public FOrum

Constable Brad Morton from the New Zealand Police told the community board he would like to see security cameras put around town. He said cameras were the best crime fighting tool he could think off. He would like to work with Council and the community board to have these installed.

It was noted that council staff were in the process of writing a report on the need for cameras in towns across the district. It was suggested that the constable talk to Owen Hunter in Fairlie for access to the cameras there. The chief executive said staff were working through the privacy issues. This matter is on the council action list.

The constable was asked if would prefer that the feed from any cameras went directly to the police station for monitoring. He said this was the best option to protect privacy.

Simon?  from Zephyr Airworks asked about installing a barrier on the main highway above the caravan park. The Mayor said NZTA were planning an upgrade of the road through Tekapo and this was one of the issues raised. The need for a barrier will be added to the action list under requests to NZTA.

Constable Brad Morton noted that the gritting of the main road was not happening early enough. This needed to happen before Queens Birthday weekend.

Krissy Rhodes asked what was happening with the tavern building (damaged by fire) and when it would be pulled down. The Mayor said the owner was still going through a process with his insurance company and builders.

She also asked what the council was going to do about Tekapo from now on, regarding tourism. She did not want to “be swamped and feel like a stranger in her own village”.

Council was working on ‘Destination Mackenzie’ to determine what communities wanted from tourism. The chief executive said the Destination Mackenzie process would include multiple opportunities for the public to contribute.


4            Declarations Of Interest

There were no declarations of interest.

5            Reports

5.1         Confirmation of Minutes of the Last Meeting

Committee RESOLUTION TKCB/2020/183

Moved:       Member Sharron Binns

Seconded:   Member Chris Scrase

That the minutes of the Tekapo Community Board meeting held on Wednesday 11 March 2020, be received and confirmed as an accurate record of the meeting.



5.5         Councillor Update

This item was brought forward in the meeting because Cr Murphy needed to leave early for another appointment.

Cr Murphy noted that councillors had gathered in person for the first time the day before, to work on the annual plan and budgets.

The Mayor added he was proud of the district and how well people had pulled together during Covid-19.

Cr Murphy suggested starting the community board meetings an hour earlier in winter. There was no objection to doing this. The governance officer agreed to change the winter meetings to a 3pm start.


5.2         Tekapo Community Board Financial Report

The report was taken as read. There were no issues raised.


5.3         Carry Forward of Unspent 2020 Grant and Township Project Funds

The purpose of this report was for the Tekapo Community Board to carry forward any unspent funds in the Community Board Grant and Township Projects budgets to the 2021 financial year, due to the Covid-19 restrictions having halted meetings and progress in the spending of these budgets from March 2020 to June 2020. There were no objections to doing this.

Committee RESOLUTION TKCB/2020/184

Moved:       Member Sharron Binns

Seconded:   Member Chris Scrase

1.       That the Tekapo Community Board resolves to carry forward from the 2020 financial year any unspent funds in the Community Board Grant and Township Projects budgets to the 2021 financial year. This is due to the unprecedented effect of Covid-19, preventing meetings, resulting in the inability for the Tekapo Community Board to progress expenditure prior to 30 June 2020.



5.4         New Format for Community Board Matters Under Action

The following ‘Matters Under Action’ were discussed:

Proposed shared pathway on Tekapo lakefront – Council staff were thanked for listening to the views of the community board regarding this pathway. The Lakeside Drive part of the pathway will be constructed in Spring/Summer, weather allowing.

Tekapo Lakefront Safety Improvements – A suggestion was made that the approaches to the playground be tidied up with a more permanent material than gravel. The Community Services Officer will meet with the builder on site to discuss this.  Whitestone has also been asked to replace the tyres and re-tension the wires on the flying fox.

A large, rope “spider’s net” was suggested as a further piece of equipment for the playground. Further discussion is required on this, and how it would be funded.

Tidying up the area to the east of the playground - The community services officer said she would talk to the roading manager regarding sourcing topsoil to put there and adding grass seed. New action item for this and suggested playground improvements.

Tekapo Lakefront Playground Boardwalks and Shade Sails – Action completed. Remove from list.  

Barbara Hay Reserve – The community board needs to meet with the community services officer on site, then pricing will be requested from contractors.

Western Carpark – Dark Sky buses are still parked there. This issue is no longer relevant. Bus parks have been taken away from the four square car park. There is now a need to decide where long vehicle parking is going to be located.

Tekapo Village Walkway – Pathway markings have been completed. Remove from list.

Tekapo Community Hall – A quote for blinds is $8,500. Might need to put this budget into the long-term plan. The pull-down screen must be installed by July 18 for an event.

Tekapo Bus Shelter – Work underway.

Tekapo Walkway from Simpson Lane – The community board needed to do a walk around with the roading manager. To be organised by the board.

D’Archaic Drive Reserve – The community services officer said she had spoken to the landscape architect and will bring plans to the community board, for further distribution to the public. All of the suggested names for the reserve would be suggested to iwi for input.

Tekapo Walking Trails – The community services officer has re-booked with TJ from Tekapo Trails, for July 13th.  Community board members are invited to join them.

Cr Murphy left the meeting at 5.01pm

Tekapo Rubbish Bins – The community services officer is trialling a bin at the dump station. She would like to upgrade and tidy up refuse bin sites throughout the district.


5.5         General Business


Gavin Marriott has requested to put up a memorial plaque on a wall near the Tekapo Footbridge. The community board discussed this request, and wider issues of where memorials should be located. A bench or a tree with a plaque was the usual practice in other towns. The regional park society has a place for memorial trees and seats in the regional park.  

The chief executive suggested that the community board work out a protocol for memorial options. An action for the community board to meet and discuss this further was added to the action list. The chairman will report back to Mr Marriott. 

A person who had asked to attend the meeting and discuss the 5G network rollout was not present at the meeting. No further action was required.

The chairman raised the issue of the council’s representation review. The community board wanted to know how to engage with the rural community so their voices could be heard. The chief executive said the representation review needed to happen before the end of this year.

The chairman asked about Council’s views of mobile trading. The status quo remains. Nobody has a trading licence at the moment because licenses have lapsed over the Covid-19 period. Traders would now need to apply for a licence. The Mobile Trading Bylaw was being reviewed by staff. The community board would like to invite staff to attend the next meeting to discuss this bylaw review.



5.6         Visit from Covid-19 Recovery Manager

Phill Mackay was welcomed to the meeting and was thanked for his work as response manager over the Covid-19 period. Council has now appointed him as Recovery Manager. His role is to coordinate recovery across the district, including the creation of a Covid recovery advisory group for the district.


Council will empower the community to recover but Council cannot do everything. He noted the recovery plan adopted by Council at its last meeting.


Discussion took place on the plight of foreign nationals in the district.


The chairman asked if there was anything the community board could do to help. Mr Mackay asked them to nominate someone to join the advisory board.


The Meeting closed at 5.40pm.


The minutes of this meeting were confirmed at the Tekapo Community Board Meeting held on 5 August 2020.