Fairlie Community Board Meeting


6 August 2020




Fairlie Community Board Meeting Minutes                                              6 August 2020

MINUTES OF Mackenzie District Council
Fairlie Community Board Meeting
Council Chambers, Fairlie
Thursday, 6 August 2020 AT 4.30pm


PRESENT:                 Mr Damon Smith (Acting Chairman), Leaine Rush, Angela Habraken, Cr Murray Cox

IN ATTENDANCE:     Mayor Graham Smith, Tim Harty (General Manager Operations), Charlotte Borrell (Community Services and Facilities Officer), Ann Rodgers (Planning Manager), Aaron Hakkart (Planning Team Leader), Mark Offen (Compliance and Monitoring Officer), Arlene Goss (Governance Advisor), and four members of the public.

1            Opening

Acting chairman Damon Smith opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.

2            Apologies

Committee Resolution  FCB/2020/125

Moved:      Member Leaine Rush

Seconded:  Member Angela Habraken

That apologies be received from chairman Les Blacklock, and chief executive Suzette van Aswegen.


3            Public FOrum

Mark Offen, Compliance and Monitoring Officer, introduced himself and said there had been issues in Fairlie with wandering dogs. He said the community was proactive in reporting dog problems. Education of dog owners was needed around keeping dogs on leads, and why they are barking.

The Mayor said some of the problem dogs have been recurring. He applauded the idea of educating people and suggested that some communication work be carried out to let people know the expectations on dog owners.

Mr Offen also said that coming into summer he was working with mobile traders. The general issue in Fairlie was that, while they appreciated having two sites available for them, they were not getting the foot traffic.

Mr Offen was thanked for attending the meeting.

Charlotte Taylor asked to speak on behalf of Plunket. She would like some form of fencing around the playground to provide a safer facility for young children. She said she has had some tense moments with children disappearing.

She has received a quote for a fence but wants to know how to proceed. There was a possibility to get some money from Plunket and this had support from Plunket mothers.

Member Damon Smith said this had been looked at in the past but they were waiting for the skate park and wanted to fence it all in one.

General Manager Operations Tim Harty suggested a softer approach than a fence, such as mounds to make the route children have to run further. He said he would like to talk to the Plunket ladies about the options and handed Ms Taylor his card. They will get in touch with him.

4            Declarations Of Interest

There were no declarations of interest.

5            Reports

5.1         Update from Planning and Regulatory Staff

Planning Manager Ann Rodgers updated the community board on the town spatial planning work currently being undertaken by planning staff. This included a community survey and spatial planning workshops.

She handed out a document on planning issues perceived by the Fairlie community. This is available as an attachment to these minutes.

The options for the town would go out for public consultation soon and then to Council. She said this had been exciting work and there had been a consistent message on what was of concern to people. This was the provision of open spaces, green spaces and paths that lined up.

Planners had also visited Burkes Pass, Kimbell and Albury and had a good public turnout in those towns. This process will inform the District Plan Review.

Ann Rodgers also told the community board about the new Let’s Talk platform. All information was available to the public there.

The chairman said the issues being raised had been around in the community for a long time and it was good to see some action on these.

Cr Cox asked if the community boards could submit as part of the consultation process. Yes.

Ann Rodgers was thanked for attending the meeting.



5.2         Minutes of Fairlie Community Board Meeting - 11 June 2020

Member Leaine Rush asked for an update on the resolution on the heating of the community hall. The heating charges had been removed from the hire charges and the cost of heating would be met by the council from now on.

Other issues related to the district’s community centres and swimming pools would be workshopped by Council soon.

The board heard that the Fairlie Events Centre user group had re-started and they were planning a big clean up. They would probably bring some recommendations to the community board on future work at a later meeting.

Committee Resolution  FCB/2020/126

Moved:      Member Angela Habraken

Seconded:  Member Leaine Rush

That the Minutes of the Fairlie Community Board Meeting held on Thursday 11 June 2020 be received and confirmed as an accurate record of the meeting.




5.3         Community Board Action List

Fairlie Skate Park – The skate park committee had confirmed there was a sewer pipe in the way so they needed to move things a few inches in their plans. They were hoping to start in September but did not have a firm date yet.

Fairlie Problem Dogs – Signs have arrived and will go up.

Bus Parking by the Playground –  Any changes would need to take the skate park into account. It was agreed to park this matter until after the skate park was built.

Letter from Owen Hunter re Problem Trees – Charlotte Borrell has spoken to Mr Hunter. He would not be be taking the trees down at this stage. Tree policy is to be reviewed.



5.4         Community Board Financial Report

It was noted that there was a new website page with information on community board grants, and these grants would be advertised before the next meeting.

Committee Resolution  FCB/2020/127

Moved:      Member Leaine Rush

Seconded:  Member Angela Habraken

That the community board financial report be received.




5.5         Dog Park Update

Community Services and Facilities Officer Charlotte Borrell noted that the $65,000 figure mentioned in her report was to show the amount of money available to the community board, not the actual cost of the dog park. She said there was a lot to work through if the current site was chosen.

The board noted there had been a lot of community feedback and this was a good thing. It demonstrated the need for a concept plan.

The good thing about the dog park being on that site was that it linked both sides of the bridge together. But the bridge did not have a footpath. The Mayor said NZTA needed to look at putting a footpath on the bridge to make it safe.

Tim Harty said the issue of the bridge was raised with NZTA. He needed some numbers of how many people would use the bridge, and wider consultation with the community.

Members discussed whether there was more need to spend money in other parts of the community. Could the money be used for the swimming pool. Yes. Maybe they could buy  something like an inflatable or a fun add-on for the pool.

Charlotte Borrell suggested a broad approach to consultation, asking people what they wanted on the Village Green and what their priorities were.

Committee Resolution  FCB/2020/128

Moved:      Cr Murray Cox

Seconded:  Member Angela Habraken

1.   That the report be received, and that

2.   The Fairlie Community Board requests engagement with the community on township-wide projects with a report back to the community board as soon as practicable.




5.6         Report from Cr Cox

Cr Cox said Council had been working on spatial planning for the townships. There was also news from the 3 Waters project. The government had set up a new regulatory authority to look at water. This would take over from the health department in assessing water standards.

They had asked Councils whether there should be consistency in who delivered infrastructure for water. Should this be standardised across councils? For example, should there be one authority for water in Canterbury.

The Mayor said 30% of Council’s business was in maintaining the “3 Waters” services.


The Meeting closed at 5.43pm.

The minutes of this meeting were confirmed at the Fairlie Community Board Meeting held on 15 October 2020.